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The Moonlight Music Event ★Odin★

With the Moonfire Faire coming to an end it’s time to mark yet another momentous occasion; the Rising, a celebration of remembrance. And an especially fond memory of ours is the Rising stage in Ul’dah, a stage so nice we have to perform there twice – two Saturdays in a row, back-to-back! So join us there this Saturday for the first of two magical evenings at the Moonlight Music Event!

As always, the one to capture our favorite screenshot at the event will be rewarded with the hefty sum of 1 Million Gil, so get your cameras out and start snapping!

Line Up:

♬ The Songbirds ♫ Happy Tunes ♪ Mosh Mosh ♬ MEWS ♩ The Immortal Flames Afros ♫

Saturday, August 28th, 18:00 Server Time (UTC) Odin Server, Ul’dah – Steps of Nald (X: 10.4 , Y: 8.3)


Summer Parade & The Moonlight Music Event ★Phoenix★

This Saturday, Happy Tunes are performing on the collaboration Event of Moonlight and Lalas of Lights. The Summer Parade and the Moonlight Music Event will take place on the Server LIGHT

Quote:Bring your best walking shoes and lots of sunscreen, this Saturday we’re joined by the ‘Lalas of Light’ for a pleasant Summer Parade across Eorzea! Starting outside the Adventurer’s Guild in Gridania ( 17:00 ST ) and making a fun-filled trip all the way to the sunny beaches of Costa del Sol, for an evening of music and entertainment at the Moonlight Music Event ( 19:00 ST ):beach_umbrella:


Happy Tunes will also stream the whole Event on Twitch!:star_struck:

Happy Tunes @ Twitch :movie_camera:➥Happy Tunes on Twitch: 


Lalas of Light:sun_with_face:

The Moonlight Music Event:notes: