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Artens Beach Shack

Come for some relaxation and chill time in this cozy beach cafรฉ/bar. The Venue offers a nice view of the ocean and you can sit outside to enjoy it at anytime. If your friends fancy a place to socialize or dance, you can definitely do that here. We are planning to make different events for our customers so stay tuned for their announcements. The music in the cafe is kpop/latin vibe. The bar is all styles and the most important is to have fun while you dance. You can suggest a song in our discord server. Special thanks to Revan Nero for decorating the place. You are always welcome to check the venue, but keep in mind that it wont be staffed outside the working hours.

By the Riverbend

By the Riverbend is a souvenir shop and tea parlor found within the Lavender Beds. Run by Sarah and Adelas Blackmourne, the couple strives to provide a fun and casual environment for patrons looking to have a creative and social time.