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Happy Tunes Shiva – Footfalls (Endwalker Theme) 🌌🌕
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Happy Tunes Shiva – Footfalls (Endwalker Theme) 🌌🌕

Titel: Happy Tunes Shiva – Footfalls (Endwalker Theme) 🌌🌕

Song: Final Fantasy XIV – Footfalls (Endwalker Theme)
Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Band: Happy Tunes (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ ★

🌌🎶 As we bid farewell to the epic saga of Endwalker, join us in our latest cover of “Footfalls,” the powerful theme that resonated through the final moments of this monumental expansion. This track embodies the culmination of journeys, battles, and the emotions of warriors across Eorzea.

⏳💫 With the dawn of Dawntrail just over the horizon, our rendition of “Footfalls” offers a moment to reflect on the past while gazing forward into new adventures. Experience the intensity and passion woven into every note, echoing the footsteps of heroes who walked the path before us.

🚀🌠 Dive into this musical tribute and let the sweeping melodies of Endwalker carry you to the threshold of new beginnings. Share your favorite Endwalker memories with us in the comments as we await the thrilling continuation of our journey in Dawntrail.

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