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SongArtistGenrePlaytime (MM:SS)
Final Fanatsy XIV - AnswersNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy06:40
Final Fanatsy XIV - DragonsongNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy05:44
Final Fantasy - Battle SuiteNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy21:53
Final Fantasy - Main ThemeNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy03:36
Final Fantasy - Matoyas Cave RockNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy02:02
Final Fantasy - MedleyNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy24:47
Final Fantasy - Prelude RockNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy02:20
Final Fantasy II - Main ThemeNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy03:30
Final Fantasy II - The Dreadful FightNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy04:13
Final Fantasy III - Celes and Locke (Aria)Nobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy03:51
Final Fantasy III - Colosseum ThemeNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy03:13
Final Fantasy IV - Ending Theme (Epilogue)Nobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy11:35
Final Fantasy IV - Main Theme (World Map)Nobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy02:34
Final Fantasy IV - Theme Of LoveNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy05:11
Final Fantasy IX - Decisive Action - Search For The PrincessNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy05:53
Final Fantasy IX - Frontier Village DaliNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy04:10
Final Fantasy IX - Living By The SwordNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy03:00
Final Fantasy IX - Melodies Of LifeNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy07:25
Final Fantasy IX - The Place I'll Return to SomedayNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy03:15
Final Fantasy IX - Vamo'alla FlamencoNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy03:03
Final Fantasy IX - Vivi's ThemeNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy04:04
Final Fantasy IX - You're Not AloneNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy04:18
Final Fantasy V - Battle With GilgameshNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy02:15
Final Fantasy VI - Celes' Theme (Rock Version)Nobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy04:21
Final Fantasy VI - Dancing MadNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy15:54
Final Fantasy VI - Ending ThemeNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy21:26
Final Fantasy VI - Forever RachelNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy02:33
Final Fantasy VI - Kids Run Through the CityNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy02:28
Final Fantasy VI - Mog's ThemeNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy01:34
Final Fantasy VI - Techno de ChocoboMasashi HamauzuFinal Fantasy02:42
Final Fantasy VI - Terra's ThemeNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy03:23
Final Fantasy VI - The Decisive BattleNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy03:53
Final Fantasy VI - The Magic HouseNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy02:03
Final Fantasy VII - Aerith's Jazzy RemixNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy02:55
Final Fantasy VII - Aerith's ThemeNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy02:03
Final Fantasy VII - Ahead On Our WayNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy06:37
Final Fantasy VII - Cid's ThemeNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy02:54
Final Fantasy VII - Costa Del SolNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy02:10
Final Fantasy VII - Crazy MotorcycleNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy01:54
Final Fantasy VII - Descendent Of The Shinobi (Yuffie's Theme)Nobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy04:34
Final Fantasy VII - Fiddle de ChocoboMasashi HamauzuFinal Fantasy02:56
Final Fantasy VII - Gold Saucer ThemeNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy01:58
Final Fantasy VII - One Wing AngelNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy06:50
Final Fantasy VII - SuiteNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy10:12
Final Fantasy VII - Those Who Fight FurtherNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy03:09
Final Fantasy VII - Tifa's ThemeNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy05:43
Final Fantasy VIII - Force Your WayNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy04:03
Final Fantasy VIII - Waltz For The MoonNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy02:54
Final Fantasy X - Suteki Da NeNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy04:17
Final Fantasy X - ZanarkandNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy04:11
Final Fantasy X-2 - 1000 WordsHiroko KokubuFinal Fantasy03:55
Final Fantasy XIII - The Sunleth WaterscapeMasashi HamauzuFinal Fantasy03:48
Final Fantasy XIV - A Father's Pride (Yanxia Theme)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy03:01
Final Fantasy XIV - A Fierce Air ForcethMasayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy03:38
Final Fantasy XIV - A Long Fall (The Twinning)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy04:27
Final Fantasy XIV - Absolute VirtueMasayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy06:26
Final Fantasy XIV - Agent Of InquiryNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy02:32
Final Fantasy XIV - Alexander: Boss Battle Theme #1 (Locus)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy07:56
Final Fantasy XIV - Apologies (Sohr Khai Theme)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy03:13
Final Fantasy XIV - Born of the BoughsMasayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy02:53
Final Fantasy XIV - Carrots of HappinessMasayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy04:24
Final Fantasy XIV - Civilizations "Lahee"Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy02:46
Final Fantasy XIV - Close in the DistanceMasayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy03:14
Final Fantasy XIV - ConflagrationMasayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy02:58
Final Fantasy XIV - Dawntrail (Final Trailer)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy05:17
Final Fantasy XIV - Dawntrail (Husky's Version)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy02:13
Final Fantasy XIV - Decisions (Little Ladies Day)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy04:01
Final Fantasy XIV - Dedicated to MoonlightMasayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy05:05
Final Fantasy XIV - Down the Up Staircase (Antitower)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy03:52
Final Fantasy XIV - Dragonsong (Agordas Metal Cover)AgordasFinal Fantasy05:39
Final Fantasy XIV - Dreamwalker (Loporrit Beast Tribe)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy03:07
Final Fantasy XIV - Dynamis (Meteion's Theme)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy03:51
Final Fantasy XIV - Eden's Gate (Titan's Theme)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy04:01
Final Fantasy XIV - eScape (Omega Theme)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy04:08
Final Fantasy XIV - Eternal WindMasayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy02:53
Final Fantasy XIV - Fallen Angel (Garuda Theme)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy04:29
Final Fantasy XIV - Fleeting Moment (Anabaseios Eleventh Circle Theme)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy03:38
Final Fantasy XIV - Flow TogetherMasayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy04:14
Final Fantasy XIV - Footfalls (Endwalker Theme)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy02:53
Final Fantasy XIV - Forbidden Land Eureka OrthosMasayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy01:51
Final Fantasy XIV - Forever At Your SideTakafumi ImamuraFinal Fantasy02:25
Final Fantasy XIV - Fragments Of ForeverMasayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy04:10
Final Fantasy XIV - From The Dragon's Wake (Seiryu Theme)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy03:41
Final Fantasy XIV - Full Fathom Five (Jazzy - Tempest Theme)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy03:27
Final Fantasy XIV - Good King Moogle MogMasayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy02:36
Final Fantasy XIV - Heroes Forge AheadMasayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy03:55
Final Fantasy XIV - Hippo Ridin (Svarna Theme)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy03:00
Final Fantasy XIV - Hyper Rainbow ZMasayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy02:38
Final Fantasy XIV - In Darkness, There is One (Void Ark)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy07:30
Final Fantasy XIV - In The BalanceMasayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy04:18
Final Fantasy XIV - Metal: Brute Justice ModeMasayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy04:15
Final Fantasy XIV - Moonfire Faire ThemeNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy03:14
Final Fantasy XIV - New Foundations (Groundbreaking)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy02:14
Final Fantasy XIV - Oblivion (Shiva Theme)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy07:56
Final Fantasy XIV - Old Sharlayan Night ThemeMasayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy02:46
Final Fantasy XIV - On Blade's EdgeMasayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy04:11
Final Fantasy XIV - On Windy MeadowsMasayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy03:21
Final Fantasy XIV - One Among WondersMasayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy04:08
Final Fantasy XIV - Pa-PayaMasayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy02:47
Final Fantasy XIV - Return To OblivionMasayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy05:15
Final Fantasy XIV - Revenge TwofoldMasayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy04:47
Final Fantasy XIV - Rhythm Of The Realm (Euphrosyne Boss Theme)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy03:57
Final Fantasy XIV - Roads Less Traveled (Endwalker Mount Theme)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy04:23
Final Fantasy XIV - Scream (Hegemone x Agdistis Theme)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy04:11
Final Fantasy XIV - Seven Hundred Seventy - Seven WhiskersMasayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy01:56
Final Fantasy XIV - ShadowbringersMasayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy04:56
Final Fantasy XIV - Starlight CelebrationNobuo UematsuFinal Fantasy04:52
Final Fantasy XIV - Stormblood - Boss Theme TriumphMasayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy02:44
Final Fantasy XIV - Sultana DreamingMasayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy04:53
Final Fantasy XIV - Sunrise "Jazz" (Suzaku's Theme)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy04:42
Final Fantasy XIV - The Day Will ComeMasayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy03:14
Final Fantasy XIV - The Final Day (Husky's Version)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy03:50
Final Fantasy XIV - The Forgotten Knight (Thicker than a Knife's Blade)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy02:35
Final Fantasy XIV - The Gardens Gate (Pixie Beast Tribe Theme)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy04:11
Final Fantasy XIV - The LabyrinthMasayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy02:17
Final Fantasy XIV - The Measure of His ReachMasayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy01:59
Final Fantasy XIV - The Mendicant's RelishMasayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy04:06
Final Fantasy XIV - The Source (Lakeland Theme)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy04:27
Final Fantasy XIV - The Tireless One (Athena Theme)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy05:16
Final Fantasy XIV - Through the Maelstrom (Leviathan Theme)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy04:24
Final Fantasy XIV - Troian Beauty (Fell Court of Troia Theme)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy03:53
Final Fantasy XIV - Ultima Metal VersionMasayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy04:52
Final Fantasy XIV - Unbreakable (The Fractal Continuum Theme)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy03:07
Final Fantasy XIV - Wailers And WaterwheelsMasayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy04:43
Final Fantasy XIV - Welcome To Our Town (Bestways Burrow)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy05:07
Final Fantasy XIV - What Angel Wakes MeMasayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy03:40
Final Fantasy XIV - With Hearts Aligned "Endsinger Theme"Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy04:12
Final Fantasy XV - Valse Di FantasticaYōko ShimomuraFinal Fantasy03:09
Final Fantasy XVI - Away (Phoenix Theme)Masayoshi SokenFinal Fantasy07:12
Final Fantasy: Brave Exvius - Duel! (Main Battle Theme)MixedFinal Fantasy02:44
NieR Automata - Alien ManifestationKeiichi OkabeGames06:19
NieR Automata - Machine Village ThemeKeiichi OkabeGames03:31
NieR Automata - Song Of The Ancients (Atonement)Keiichi OkabeGames04:58
NieR Automata - Weight of the WorldKeiichi OkabeGames05:27
RISE - Warrior of LightHappy TunesMetal04:20
RISE - Warrior of Light ( + Outro )Happy TunesMetal05:02