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Happy Tunes Shiva – Apologies (Sohr Khai Theme) 🐉✨
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Happy Tunes Shiva – Apologies (Sohr Khai Theme) 🐉✨

Titel: Happy Tunes Shiva – Apologies (Sohr Khai Theme) 🐉✨

Song: Final Fantasy XIV – Apologies (Sohr Khai Theme)
Game: Final Fantasy XIV
Band: Happy Tunes (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ ★

Soar into the legacy of “Apologies,” the evocative Sohr Khai Theme from Final Fantasy XIV. 🌌🎵 Our cover reimagines the poignant melodies that accompany the climactic encounter with Hraesvelgr, the noble dragon at the heart of Heavensward’s lore.

Embark on an auditory journey through Sohr Khai’s celestial landscape, a realm where dragon legends dwell and the echoes of ancient battles resonate. This theme is not just music; it’s a tribute to the enduring bond between man and dragon, and the profound stories woven into the fabric of Eorzea. 🐉✨

We’ve poured our passion into every harmony to capture the grandeur of Hraesvelgr’s presence and the emotional depth of his tale. As you listen, may you be transported to the skies where he reigns supreme, and feel the awe of his majestic flight amidst the clouds.

Thank you for joining us on this epic rendition. We hope it ignites a fire within, much like the one that burns in the heart of the great wyrm, Hraesvelgr. 🎶🔥

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