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The Moonlight Music Event ★ ODIN ★

The Moonlight Music Event ★ ODIN ★

Samstag den 5.12.2020 

Beginn 19:00 Server Zeit – 19:00 GMT – 20:00 CET ( Deutsche Zeit )

Der Happy Tunes Auftritt ist ab ca. 22:00- 22:30 SZ (23:00-23:30 CET ) geplant ♪♪

Ort: @Odin Server, Gold Saucer (X: 6.5 , Y: 7.5)

The stage is being set for another magical evening with music and entertainment. This time we’re swinging by The Gold Saucer for a bit of early Starlight Celebrations. So come join us for some music, games and of course pwesents!

And for all you shutterbugs out there, prep your camera and get snapping. Starting this Saturday, the one to snap our favorite screenshot at each event will be rewarded with the hefty sum of 1 million gil!

Oh, and we might just have some special lil’ guests dropping by for this event… trust me, it’s going to be mog-tastic!



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